Urban Transport

Durmazlar awarded Samsun tram tender

Durmazlar is awarded the 8-trams-tender for Samsun’s tram extension project.

The trams will be operated by Samulas, subsidiary of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. The tram cars will be 31.84 m long, 2.65 m wide, 3.3 m high, has a weigh of 41.3 to, capacity of 290 passengers. 2 of the 3 bogies are powered. Each tram car costs € 1.54 mn.

Currently, there are 21 Ansaldo Breda tram cars in Samulas fleet. Samulas is planning to increase the tram network from 14 km today to 31 km by Tekkekoy extension.

Durmazlar had recently been awarded for the 12-trams-tender of Kocaeli as well.

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  1. Merhaba, Onur bey.
    I have been a regular reader of your website.
    I was following this tender last year. It was a prestigious project. Why don’t you publish an update post on this or just update this post with latest information? It will be very useful for those who follow transportation and infra projects.



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