Urban Transport

Ink for Kocaeli tram cars

The contract for 12 tram cars of Kocaeli Tram, Akcaray, is going to be inked on 5th of October.

Turkish company Durmazlar was awarded for the tram cars, which was the only company to offer for the tender.

Akcaray will be 7.2 km long between Otogar (Main Bus Station) and Sekapark. The tram cars will have turquoise livery, 32 m long, 2.65 m wide, 3.3 m high, bidirectional, 5-cars-set,  has a capacity of 300 passengers and a commercial speed of 20 km/h.

Durmazlar is going to start delivery of trams after 12 months, and should complete by 17th month. Akcaray is planned to open within 2017.


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