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Turkish rail border crossings: Future plans

In addition to current 7 border crossings, 4 of which are kept closed for a long time (red boxes on the map), Turkey is planning to construct three new rail border crossings one of which is already under construction.

Here are the planned rail border crossing of Turkey:

Türkiye'nin Planlanan Demiryolu Sınır Geçişleri

Georgia (under construction)

In November 2017, Canbaz border station at Turkey-Georgia border opened.  Customs process is temporarily being held at Kars station.

With the completion of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project, Turkey will have a border crossing to Georgia. The break of gauge will be at Akhalkalaki in Georgia, which means rail service until there will be given by TCDD. The project is expected to be completed in 2016.

Nakhichevan (planned)

Turkey is planning another rail connection from Kars to Iran via Nakhichevan, alternative to Kapikoy, which has limited capacity due to Van Lake. The plans have not been budgeted yet.

Habur/Iraq (planned)

Due to strong trade between Turkey and Iraq, Turkey is planning to construct a new rail connection to Iraq without using Syrian infrastructure. Rail border crossing is planned to be done at Habur, which is the current border crossing for cars. The plan for Habur rail border crossing have not ben budgeted yet. Rail border crossing via Habur should also wait for the construction of railway in North Iraq, which is supposed to be at least 70 km to the nearest railway line.

Cover Photo: Eksper Rail ©


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