Best offer for Buca metro from Prota

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality announced offers given for the tender for preliminary analysis of 9.5-km-long Buca Metro.

Best offer is TL 2.8 mn (about € 850k) given by Prota.

Tender covers the preparation of projects designs, environmental, transportational, economical and jeodynamic analysis and consultancy for 9.5-km-long metro line which is planned to connect Ucyol to Buca via Dokuz Eylul University. The preliminary analysis are expected to be completed in 12 months. The travel time in this deep-tunnel metro service will be 20 minutes.

The metro is planned to call at below stops: Ucyol (Interchange station for Evka3-Fahrettin Altay metro line),Bozyaka, Cennetoglu, Sirinler (Interchange station for Izban suburban line), Buca Belediye, Hasanaga, D.E.U Kampus, Buca Koop.

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