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Turkey at 49th in railway competitiveness

In the global competitiveness index of railway infrastructure list, Turkey was at 49th.

World Economic Forum (WEF) published the global competitiveness index of railway infrastructures.

Starting with Japan, top 10 countries in the list are as follows:

Top10 in Global Competitiveness Index - Railway

Turkey is at 49th in the list, just after Tunisia and before Saudi Arabia.

Global Competitiveness Index - Railway

Global Competitiveness Index – Railway. Source: World Economic Forum

Here are the ranks of Turkey’s neighbor countries: Russia 26, Georgia 33, Azerbaijan 37, Iran 45, Saudi Arabia 50, Bulgaria 51 and Greece 57.

Most important factors in preparing global competitiveness index (GCI) are how well and efficient rail infrastructure connects national and neighbor markets, how impact economic growth and reduce income inequalities by its quality and extensiveness. Being secure and timely, free from interruptions and shortages are also taken into consideration.

Click for the full list.

Cover Photo: Eksper Rail ©


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