332 - Doğu Ekspresi - OnurAbout Rail Turkey

They discovered Turkey by train

In the almost untouched and fascinating landscape, there are from time to time sign of human civilization.

Johannes, Austria

It was nice having coffee in the morning enjoying nice Mediterranean landscape from the restaurant car while the train was approaching to the Aegean coast.

Dusko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

It was supposed to be an overnight sleeper, but I learnt online that the engineering works in Bulgaria are causing disruption and resulting in rail replacement buses. I also heard in the hostel that someone went to get the overnight train to Sofia and it wasn’t running or they couldn’t find it. Lets find out for real!


Chatting during all trip there while getting some refreshments  through the high snowy mountains and deep valleys was amazing.

Onur, Turkey

Conversely, travel within the wider Middle East is typically an everyday tale of homogenisation. The iPhone boarding pass, the double macchiato, the Time magazine. But this 60-hour voyage between two of the region’s least visited capitals is a journey off the map, and a visual history lesson to boot.

Tristan, UK

They all discovered Turkey by train..

Everything you need for traveling in Turkey by train is at Rail Turkey Travel..

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal

rail turkey travel


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