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Rail transport in Bursa

Bursa’s rail network is not so wide, however is very busy since the route is well-designed.

Last update: October 2020

Bursa has the fourth widest rail network among Turkish cities. There’s one very busy light metro and two tram lines. Third tram line is under construction.

47-km-long network, 90 million pax

Bursa has 39-km-long light metro line. Together with two tram lines with a total length of 8.2 km, the total network exceeds 47 km.

The annual ridership exceeded 90 million in 2018.

Ridership in Bursa rail services

Fleet produced in Bursa

There are 152 rail cars in Bursa. The biggest portion of the fleet, 78 cars, were produced in Bursa by Durmazlar. Fleet details are as follows:

  • 134 LRV (30 Bombardier, 60 Durmazlar, 44 Siemens)
  • 18 Durmazlar tram sets

Light metro is 39 km long.

  • Kestel-Emek/Üniversite light metro line – timetablemap

There are two tram lines in Bursa, totally 8 km long.

New tram to delay

There’s a new 8.5-km-long tram line under construction (T2) starting from Kent Meydani and ending at Dosab. Construction was started in June 2015 with a deadline of 800 days. Though most of the project (82%) was completed, contractor stopped the project due to increase in exchange rates. Currently dissolution process continues.

Some other projects are on the table. Two metro projects (Osmangazi and Yildirim metro lines) seem to be forgotten. Ministry of Transport had overtaken the extension of light metro line from Emek to new HST station and city hospital.

Cover photo: Durmazlar ©


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