Urban Transport

TL 227 mn for rail transport in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is going to invest TL 227 mn (€ 75mn) for rail transport in 2016.

The biggest portion of this amount is for the tram project between Kent Meydani and Terminal (Bus Station) under construction.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has an investment budget of TL 1.2 bn for 2016. Transportation projects has the biggest portion in investments with TL 443 mn, where rail projects has the biggest portion in transportation investments budget.

Bursa had a similar investment budget in 2015, but rail systems had only a share of TL 22 mn. This means 2016’s rail budget is almost 10 times of 2015’s.

The 8.5-km-long new tram projects of Bursa started in September. The construction works will be completed by the end of 2017. Contract is worth TL 134 mn. The tram cars for this line are being produced by Durmazlar and are expected to be delivered within 2016.


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