Rail Freight

Winners of rail transport in 2015

Here are the players, projects and services about rail transport that were very successful in 2015:

Trailer trains

Trailer trains has got the biggest share from transportation between Turkey and Europe. Greater portion being roro+trains, and the rest departing from Turkey, trailer trains was the fastest growing train service in 2015.


The heavy competition of trailer trains had caused stop of many container service in Turkey. The closure of Halkali for more than two years made life even harder for container lines. Despite all these, Metrans had managed to increase its weekly service to five and also be the first container line to start service in Halkali after opening.

Rail connected Ro-Ro service

Roro services are now more than port2port service. Ekol Logistics and U.N. Ro-Ro are offering rail connected roro service for trailers and containers to many cities in Europe. That caused a big shift from direct truck services to rail connected roro services.

Car Trains

BMW and Mercedes chose trains for transportation of finished vehicles from Europe to Turkey, and each leaded the industry by bringing a car train every week.


Cerkezkoy Terminal team, once, had overcome “mission impossible” by handling all trains from Europe in a 300-mt-long platform whene Halkali was under water. While Halkali was closed to trani traffic for more than two years, this time on more space, Cerkezkoy Terminal team had successfuly overcome the situation. Companies shifted to Cerkezkoy completed these two years without a big interruption.

Domestic wagon producers

Domestic wagon producers has started to be seen more and more in the fairs with their new solutions. They also signed many contracts. And starting from this year, they’ll be “protected” by 4-year-long restriction for imports of wagons to Turkey.

Companies with maintanance function centificate

Three companies has got the maintanance function certificate: Acarlar, Rayvag and Vako. By the legislation for registration of wagons and safety had taken effect, all wagon owners had signed contracts with these companies.

Cover Photo: Rail Cargo ©


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