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What will NOT happen in 2016?

Some of the expected and frequently asked railway projects will not be able to completed in 2016. Here are them:

Freight train through Marmaray tunnel

In order to run a freight train through Marmaray Tunnel, phase2 of the Marmaray Project, the completion of Halkali-Kazlicesme in European side and Ayrilik Cesmesi-Pendik-Gebze sections and connection of those lines to national rail network is needed. The earliest time for a freight train to run through Marmaray will be 2018.

Travel from Gebze to Halkali by Marmaray

Construction works restarted on Marmaray, however the deadline of the project is end of 2017.

Ankara to Istanbul by train in 3 hours

Currently it takes 4 hours to travel between Ankara and Istanbul by high speed train. The expected travel time by the completion of Ankara-Istanbul High Speed Line is 3 hours, which will be possible after completion of Kosekoy-Bilecik section. That section will not be ready this year.

A new city to be connected by HST

Lots of cities are dreaming of using high speed trains nowadays. Most of the projects are in project phase. None of the ones under construction, Ankara-Sivas, Bursa-Bilecik, Polatli-Izmir, will be completed in 2016. The only new line to open this year is Konya-Karaman high speed line.

Train on 3rd Bosphorus bridge

The new bridge on Bosphorus is expected to open this year, but only for cars and trucks. Construction works on Kosekoy-New Airport-Halkali railway which will use the new bridge has not started yet.

Passenger train from Haydarpasa

Haydarpasa Train Station will remain as train station and TCDD office as recently approved, but we need to wait at least one year before seeing the first high speed or passenger train departing from Haydarpasa.

Baku-Istanbul passenger train

Azerbaijan Railways will give passenger train service between Baku and Istanbul with brand new Stadler wagons which can move on different rail gauges. However, the railway between Kars and Georgia will be ready by the end of this year, which means the first run of passenger trains will be in 2017 at the earliest.

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  1. 1. What needs to be done to complete Kosekoy-Bilecik section?
    2. Is the whole Polatli-Izmir section under construction?
    3. Will Konya-Karaman section be double track? What will be the max speed on this section? Are the trains Istanbul/Ankara-Konya planned to be extended to Karaman with the bus service to Mersin/Adana?


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