Urban Transport

TL 3 bn for rail solutions in Istanbul

Budget for rail systems in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s budget gets 25% share of total budget.

The budget of Istanbul is TL 12.3 bn (€ 4 bn), 33% increase with respect to 2015. 68% of the budget is for new investments, rest for expenses. The TL 8.3 bn investment budget means more than 40% increase in investments. Last year, it was TL 5.8 bn.

The biggest share in investments is transportation, as in 2015. 45% of investments will be for tranport solutions.

The biggest share in transport investments is for rail sytems. TL 3.1 bn will be invested in rail in 2016. That means 25% of total budget of Istanbul, and 50% increase in rail investments with respect to 2015.


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