Railway Companies

Legios enters Iranian market

Legios, leading freight wagon producer from Czech Republic, has opened a sales office in Teharan, Iran.

Among many European companies who are interested in Iran market after sanctions lifted, Legios became one of the first railway companies taking physical step by opening a sales office in Teharan.

The company has focused on tank wagons and container wagons amount its wide product range of freight wagons. This strategy is in parallel with the expansion projects of Iranian Railways. Iran is planning to invest USD 25 bn in railways within 10 years. The priorities in these investments are to strengthen transportation of oil products of Iran and transportation of goods of Central Asian countries to world via Iranian ports.

Legios is keeping eyes closely on emerging rail markets of Middle East, not limited with Turkey and Iran, as stated.

Legios will also take part in Eurasia Rail, which will be held in Istanbul following month.


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