Urban Transport

Blockage in Baskentray project solved

The legal problems which stopped Baskentray project since 2012 has been solved.

Baskentray Project is the upgrade project of suburban lines in Ankara. Within the scope of project, there’ll be six tracks between Ankara and Behicbey, five tracks between Behicbey and Sincan and four tracks between Ankara and Kayas. Thus, suburban, high speed and conventional trains will use separate lines. The level crossings will be cancelled and all stations will be redesigned for faster service.

By the commission of project, the suburban trains will run every 2 min in peak hours. Ridership is expected to increase from 15mn to 60mn. The ridership of suburban trains is expected to increase also by the opening of Ankara’s new main train station.

The tender was done in 2012. A participant objected to the result and Public Tender Committee cancelled the tender. As the case now dropped, Public Tender Committee withdraw the cancellation. If there’s no further objection, the project will be done by Gulermak-Kolin consortium.


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