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Tudemsas unveils another freight wagon

Tudemsas, the subsidiary of TCDD producing freight wagons, has started tests of Talns type hopper wagon.

As new rules for new wagons to run on Turkish rail network published, Tudemsas acted fast to produce new freight wagons compatible with the new regulation. Talns type hopper wagon is the last one to unveil.

This new generation hopper wagon has completed brake and road tests and is sent to Eskisehir to complete other tests needed for TSI certification. Tests of wagons are being held by Istanbul Technical University.

Talns type hopper wagons will mainly be used for carrying ore, which has the biggest volume within goods transported on rail. Tudemsas is planning to produce 300 wagons for TCDD within 2 years.

New regulations about railway transportation gives local producers an important advantage by restricting import of wagons to country if similar type is being produced in Turkey.

Talns is the fourth type of wagon compatible with new regulation, as Tudemsas announced. Tudemsas has also announced 3 flat wagons until now:

Rgns: 4ax flat wagon with stakes. Tare is 20.5 to. Used for carrying containers as well as pipes and other steel goods. Body is produced by RailTur.

Sgns: 4ax 60’ container wagon. Tare is 17.4 to. Densely used in Turkey. Body is produced by Gok Group. Contract inked for 200 wagons.

Sggmrs: 6ax 80’ container wagon. Tare is 26 to. Expected to start production by the end of this year. TCDD ordered 150 Sggmrs type wagons.

Tudemsas is also working on tank wagon with heating system. Company has already announced its target of producing ten new TSI compatible wagons until 2018.


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