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Acarlar Vagon is now an ECM

After being the first Turkish company to get “Maintanance Functions Certificate”, Acarlar Vagon now is the first private company to get the ECM certificate.

With this certificate, Acarlar Vagon can take the responsibility of managing, maintananing, repairing and revisions of Turkish and European Wagons.

Due to the new legislation of COTIF, freigth wagons should have ECMs (Entity in Charge of Maintanance) to be able to be operated in international traffic since 2013.

Avarlar Vagon (EIN No: FR/31/0216/0010) becomes the second ECM after TCDD (EIN No: TR/31/0014/0001) in Turkey.

ECMs are responsible for three main functions:

  • Documentation of all maintanance issues of wagon
  • Organizing all process from taking wagon from operation for maintanance and takin back to operation
  • Maintanance of wagon and its parts

Acarlar Vagon recently announced a partnership with Legios, leading freight wagon producer of Europe.


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