Railway Infrastructure

Closure of Sincan-Kayas under discussion

Closure of Sincan-Kayas railway section passing through Ankara for 2 years is under discussion.

As construction works of Baskentray Project may start this summer, it’s being discussed to close 37-km-long railway section between Sincan and Kayas for two years.

The project involves increase of tracks from 2 to 4-6 and renewal of stations and other buildings. Closing the section to train traffic may speed up the construction works and decrease the cost.

On the other hand, the closure will prevent access to Ankara Main Train Station, where 17 high speed trains, 5 main line trains and 2 regional trains arrive and depart every day.

Closure will mean ending suburban service, which carries more than 1 mn passengers every month.

This section is the main corridor between east and west of Turkey. Thus it’s frequently used by freight trains. There’s an alternative connection via Konya, but will cost time and money.

Considering all these, it doesn’t seem likely to close the section, especially on the days of opening of new Ankara Train Station. Everyone wonders how renewal of the section will be done while being used densely by high speed trains and suburban service during day, and conventional trains during night.


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