Urban Transport

Antalya tram to be ready by Expo opening

Antalya’s new tram line to Expo 2016 will start service during Expo 2016 which is going to start next month.

The 18-km-long new tram line connecting city center to airport and Expo area will start service before opening of Expo 2016, on 22nd of April. Test run has started on the 6-km-long section of the project.

The tender was opened last year by Transport Ministry in August, and Makyol was awarded this TL259mn project (about €85mn).  The project should be completed in 450 days, in December 2016. However the deadline is set far earlier, on 22nd of April, to be ready before opening of Expo 2016 in Antalya.

The new tram cars are currently being manufactured in Hyundai Eurotem’s plant in Adapazari. According to the contract, the first set has to be delivered in April and all deliveries must be completed until the end of this year. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality stated that first sets will loaded at Adapazari on 4th of April. Thus, these first sets will be ready for opening after test runs completed. Probably, those will not be enough for the line, and Antalya’s other tram sets will also be used on new line. The test runs on the 6-km-long section is also being done with these sets.


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