Rolling Stock

TL 600mn for rolling stock of TCDD

TCDD will invest about TL 600mn for passenger train sets, locos and freight wagons this year.

TCDD’s investment budget for train sets, locos and freight wagons will be a little less than last year, around TL 600mn (€ 200mn) this year. A big portion of this investment is for high speed trains and DMU sets.

Here is the rolling stock investment details of TCDD in 2016:

High speed trains

High speed train sets is the biggest investment item this year. TCDD will spend TL 284mn for high speed train sets.

Deliveries of the order of TCDD for 6 Siemens Velaro sets will be completed this year. Each set costs around TL 130mn. This year’s budget for Velaros is TL 178mn.

Another investment item is for 106 high speed train sets. TCDD is planning to open a tender soon related with this. This year’s budget it TL 106mn. Total 106 trains’ budget is TL 10bn.

DMU train sets

TCDD is planning to buy 52 DMU sets until 2018. This year’s budget is TL 151mn. Each set costs about TL 18mn. DMU sets are being used for short distance passenger transport.

Brand new and modernized freight wagons

TCDD has an investment budget of TL 130mn for purchase of brand new freight wagons and modernization of its freight wagon fleet. This year, 1617 freight wagons will either be purchased or modernized.

Main line locos

Compared with last year where 55 new locos purchased, TCDD will spend less for locos this year. This year’s budget is TL 30mn. All will be spent for Powerhaul, produced by Tulomsas under GE licence. Each loco costs TL 12.5mn. TCDD will buy 20 new Powerhauls until 2018.

Test train

TCDD has a budget of TL 10mn for a new train for tests and measurings of high speed train lines. Total cost of this train is TL 68mn.

Electric shunting locos

TCDD will buy 7 electric shunting locos. The first electric shunting loco was 100% locally developed last year by TUBITAK in Turkey. This year’s budget is about TL 1.5mn, which is about the cost of one loco.


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