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High speed train lines slow down

TCDD slows down in construction of high speed lines after starting many of them at the same time.

According to 2016 investment program, progress in all high speed line projects will be behind the expectations.

Progress in High Speed Projects

By the end of 2016, budget of Ankara-Sivas HST line will almost be finished. But line is far away from completion.

The expenditure of the HST line connecting Bursa to national rail network, Bursa-Osmaneli, is very high. Thus, although grounding works has not completed in one section of line, and nothing has started in the other sections, more than half of the budget will be used by this year. Line is far away from completion.

Although service has started, construction works continue on Istanbul-Ankara line this year. Nothing important will change about this line.

The progress on Ankara-Izmir HST line will be limited this year. Construction works started only between Polatli-Konya line and Afyon. Preliminary analysis continue on other sections.

The funding usage is as follows in these lines:

520 - High speed lines budget usage 2016

TL 21 millon is allocated for preliminary analysis of Eskisehir-Antalya, Erzincan-Erzurum and Kirikkale-Corum-Samsun HST lines. These 3 lines will need TL 60 million more for these analysis in forthcoming years.

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  1. If the Konya to Karaman line will only be 67% complete by the end of 2016, and with still TL224m expenditure required after that date, I assume the reopening date for this route section has slipped to some time in 2017 or later? (It was originally announced as “during March 2016” having been delayed from December 2015).

    • I think March was for opening of track, lmaybe DMU service for example. But even that didn’t work.


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