Marmaray got the fund

Marmaray project, which stopped for 2 years, seems to progress fast this year. Transport Ministry allocates TL 1.4bn (€ 0.4bn) for the project.

Transport Ministry has a budget of TL 2bn this year for railway investments. 70% of this budget (TL 1.4bn) is for Marmaray project.

Marmaray project

The project needs TL 3.5bn to be completed and is expected to be commissioned by the end of next year. This year’s budget will meet almost half of the expenses.

The TL 12.1bn worth Marmaray project will connect Gebze in Asian side to Halkali in European side for suburban service. The project will also enable railway connection between Europe and Asia for passenger and freight trains.

Frequently asked questions about Marmaray Project

After opening of 13-km-long Bosphorus pass in 2013, second phase of Marmaray project had started. The modernization of 63-km-long surface lines was planned, but project stopped for two years. Last year, the negotiations with the contractor, OHL, resulted with agreement and the commission date was reannounced as end of 2017.

Cover Photo: Sinem Öztaş ©

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