Projects to be commissioned this year

This year, TL 7 bn is allocated for railway investments. There are many railway projects in the investment program, and 5 of them is/will be commissioned this year:

 Project Start Date
Bogazkopru-Yenice signalization 2005
Mersin-Adana-Toprakkale signalization 2005
Van ferry 2006
Tekirdag-Muratli electrification/signalization 2012
Cumaovası-Tepeköy electrification/signalization 2012

Electrification and signalization of Cumaovasi-Tepekoy railway section was for extending Izmir suburban service (Izban) and had been completed this year in February.

First of new Van ferries is expected to start service in May. By the commission of second ferry, the project is expected to be completed this year.

The New Van Lake Ferry to Start Soon

Signalization of Turkey’s busiest line section (Mersin-Adana-Toprakkale) and electrification and signalization of Tekirdag-Muratli section connecting Europe to Tekirdag-Derince ferry will also be completed this year.

Cover Photo: Jeff Hawken ©

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