Railway Infrastructure

Which projects will not be commissioned this year?

Although railway projects had a fund of TL 7bn this year, many projects will not be able to be commissioned this year. Here are the projects that will progress this year, but not be commissioned.

  Progress by end of 2015 Progress in 2016 Target date
Ankara-Sivas high speed line 88% 11% 2018
Kars-Tiflis-Baku railway 91% 6% 2017
Kemalpaşa Logistics Center 76% 12% 2017
Irmak-Zonguldak signalization 60% 25% 2018
Marmaray 71% 12% 2017
Kayseri-Yenice-Toprakkale electrification 62% 18% 2017
Eskisehir-Balikesir electrification/signalization 65% 12% 2017
Ankara-İstanbul high speed line 71% 5% 2018
Konya-Karaman 2nd track 53% 15% 2018
Samsun-Kalin renewal/ signalization 23% 40% 2017
Palu-Genc-Mus railway 45% 11% 2018
Bursa-Osmaneli high speed line 46% 8% 2019
Bandırma-Manisa electrification/signalization 39% 15% 2017
Afyon-Denizli-Isparta-Burdur signalization 18% 33% 2017
Adapazarı-Karasu railway 44% 5% 2017
Fevzipasa railway 21% 13% 2018
Ankara-Cetinkaya electrification 16% 15% 2017
Tepekoy-Selcuk 2nd track, electrification/ signalization 14% 15% 2017
Ankara-Izmir high speed line 5% 14% 2019

Ankara-Sivas high speed train is expected to reach to 99% progress rate (according to budget) by the end of this year. An opening by the end of this year will not be surprising, but it’s more likely that first train will run next year.

Another “looking forward” project is Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project, which is announced to be commissioned by the end of this year. Progress rate will reach to 97%, which probably means first commercial train will run next year.

Marmaray, another important project under public attention, seems to get enough fund to be commissioned next year.

Surprisingly, Konya-Karaman high speed train project got limited fund, which means electrification and signalization works will take not only this year, but at least next year as well.

Istanbul-Ankara, Bursa-Osmaneli and Ankara-Izmir high speed train lines will not progress fast this year either.


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