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Local production is becoming a “must”

The tram and metro companies are being forced for change with the “local production” terms in almost all of the recent tenders.

Local production ratio was between 25% and 60% in the last tenders. Here below are the tenders with this term:

City # of Sets Local Production % Contractor
Bursa 72 %60 Durmazlar
Samsun 8 %51 Durmazlar
Kocaeli 12 %45 Durmazlar
Kayseri 30 %35 Bozankaya
İzmir 38 %25 Hyundai Rotem

Interior equipment, lighting, air conditioning, information systems, chassis can be supplied from local companies.

Some companies in Turkey such as Durmazlar, Eurotem, Bozankaya has proceeded in design and engineering.

On the other hand, pantograph, traction, door, brake, coupling, battery and bogie systems are produced by a few world-wide companies and preferred due to broad usage and quality. These systems are mainly the most critical and expensive parts of rolling stock.

Nevertheless, localization may reach up to 60%, as can be seen in Bursa cars. Local production also drops the maintenance and repair costs, which become an important expense item in following years.

Some companies like Siemens, which are out of the tenders due to local production term are studying investment in Turkey.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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