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Balo steps back in cooperation with Rail Cargo

Big Anatolia Logistics Organization (BALO) ended the joint venture company, Anatolia Rail Link, founded together with Austrian railway operator Rail Cargo.

Balo had chosen Rail Cargo as partner at the beginning, and had given signals for further cooperation in following days. Anatolia Link was the joint venture neutral intermodal service provider, kicked off at the beginning of this year with 50% share of Balo and Rail Cargo.

Balo now seems to go alone. Rail Cargo is not stated at Balo’s website anymore, instead it’s written as “Austrian Railway (ÖBB) and other operators”.

Currently Balo trains are being organized together with Rail Cargo. There’s not any official declaration if this will change or not.

Recently, there had been a change in management team of Rail Cargo, which was responsible for Turkey-Europe trains.

Cover Photo: Balo ©


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