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Hupac keeps eyes on Turkey

Turkey is one of the target countries of Swiss combined transport operator Hupac.

Hans-Jörg Bertschi, Chairman of the Board of Hupac Ltd. explained company’s 2016-2020 strategy at the presentation of the company’s annual results to the media in Zurich. The strategy includes investments for the Gotthard flat track and to enter new segments and new geographic markets.

Hupac focuses on Russian market with its own broad gauge rolling stock, China market with a branch in Shanghai, Europe with new terminals and new markets in southeast Europe with transports to Turkey, the Iberian Peninsula and France.

The major challenge of the future is stated as maintaining the ability of the railways in Europe to compete with road transports. “If we want to keep up with the road, standards have to be simplified and harmonized throughout Europe”, Bertschi remarks.

Hupac had been involved in Turkish market as the operator, last of which was Borusan container train.

Cover Photo: Hupac ©


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