Professionals from 15 countries

International forum “Multimodal 2016: Bridge between Europe and Asia” was held last week in Istanbul.

2-days forum hosted 16 speakers from operators, logistics service providers, associations and consultants.

Delegates of 45 companies from 15 countries were participated in the forum:

  1. ACSC Logistics, Azerbaijan
  2. APM Terminals, Turkey
  3. Arkas Logistics, Turkey
  4. Baltic Press, Poland
  5. BATI Group, Turkey
  6. Catoni Group, Turkey
  7. Dabkoviç, Turkey
  8. Dogu Law Office, Turkey
  9. DAMCO, Turkey
  10. Duisburger Hafen, Germany
  11. Evyapport, Turkey
  12. Far East Land Bridge, Austria
  13. Ford Motor Company, Turkey
  14. Gebrüder Weiss East Plus, Austria
  15. Gebrüder Weiss, Turkey
  16. Georgian Railway, Georgia
  17. GN Group, Turkey
  18. Holland Container Innovations, Netherlands
  19. HPC Hamburg Port Consulting, Germany
  20. Interlegal, Ukraine
  21. Kayra, Turkey
  22. Keyline, Turkey
  23. Konsped, Turkey
  24. KTZ Express, Kazakhstan
  25. LAM, Turkey
  26. Larus Shipping, Ukraine
  27. Limas Port, Turkey
  28. Lithuanian Railways, Lithuania
  29. Marport, Turkey
  30. Metrans, Czech Republic
  31. Mukran Port, Germany
  32. Plaske, Ukraine
  33. Rail Cargo, Austria
  34. Rail Turkey, Turkey
  35. Railistics, Germany
  36. Rietumu Banka, Latvia
  37. SEASC4U, Belgium
  38. Sertrans, Turkey
  39. TMBC Logistics, Russia
  40. TMBCL Ltd, UK
  41. Transorient, Turkey
  42. Turkish Maritime Federation, Turkey
  43. Turkish Shipbuilders Association, Turkey
  44. U.N. Ro-Ro, Turkey
  45. VLS Group, Germany

Delegates had found the chance to visit Marport Terminal on the first day of the forum.

International forum Multimodal: Bridge between Europe and Asia is being organized by Viva Consul, first of which was organized again in Istanbul last year.

Rail Turkey is official media partner of this event.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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