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Notes from Multimodal 2016 – II

International forum Multimodal 2016: Bridge Between Europe and Asia had hosted interesting presentations of many experts in their area. Here is the seond part of notes about the forum:

Rail Turkey is official media partner of this event.

China-Europe trains to double in 2016

The rail traffic between China and Europe is expected to be doubled in 2016, compared with 2015, as stated by Tanat Kuangaliyev, Director of Customer Relations Department of KTZ Express. The number of trains is expected to be 1100 and cargo to be 94.6k TEU in 2016 where in 2015 it was 581 trains and 47.4k TEU.

Is rail really attractive?

Space problems and low volumes of ports, operational problems and low capabilities of trains can be a big thread for railways, as stated by Christoph Schoppmann, Senior Consultant Port Development of HPC Hamburg Port Consulting.

Container pool is the future

As ports are under pressure of handling more volumes in shorter time with less cost, container pool is one of the efficiency areas, where container lines can exchange their empty containers, as stated by Christoph Schoppmann, Senior Consultant Port Development of HPC Hamburg Port Consulting.

Bigger vessels decrease cost by 40%

As operators are introducing bigges container vessels by time, the operation cost per container drops dramatically from 22 to 13 $/TEU-day as vessel capacity increases from 6000 TEU to 14000 TEU, as stated by Mr Burak Erden, Head of Commercial of APM Terminals Turkey.

Turkey’s trade unbalance may increase

All huge investments of Turkey in transportation may increase the unbalance trade in favor of imports, as stated by Andrey Duddell, Managing Director of TMBCL ltd.

Kartepe terminal ready by 2018

The new inland rail terminal will be opened at Kartepe, Izmit in cooperation with Limar and Duisport, as stated by Lars Nennhaus, Vice President Port Development of Duisburger Hafen.

Railway costs to increase in Europe

Due to new safety and quality requirements, the railway costs are expected to increase by 18% until 2020 compared with 2014, as stated by Udo Sauerbrey, Managing Director of Railistics.

Ford’s road-share down to 41%

Transportation by trucks has a share of 41% in Ford Otosan, which is far below Turkey average, as stated by Mr Volkan Yorukoglu, Part Export Business Supply Chain Supervisor of Ford Otosan.

Cover Photo: Viva Consult ©

Multimodal 2016


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