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New era for TCDD starts today

The new status of TCDD has officially started today where TCDD becomes the infrastructure operator and all train operator functions are transferred to TCDD Tasimacilk AS.

TCDD will continue to be monopoly on traffic management on whole national rail network. The train operator functions, on the other hand, will started to be done by TCDD’s subsidiary, TCDD Tasimacilik AS.

Here are highlights from new era:

Traffic management under TCDD’s control

TCDD will manage whole traffic on whole national rail network, even if the sections that don’t belong to TCDD (article 5.2.ç).

Terminals can be hired

The areas not related with traffic can be operated, operated by contractors or leased (article 5.2.f)

Has its own fleet

Provided that it’s limited with its own needs and not operated commercially, TCDD may have a rolling stock fleet (article 5.2.n)

Insurance function

TCDD can make insurance activities, can be broker, can establish insurance fund (article 5.2.s).

Gives courses and certifications

TCDD can organize courses, seminars, open test/course centers and give certification related with its field (article 5.2.ü).

Using contractors

Except traffic management, TCDD can use contractors for any of its functions (article 5.3).

Branch lines paid by requestor

All costs of branch lines requested must be paid by requestor (article 19.2).

No rent for real estate

New subsidiary of TCDD, TCDD Tasimacilik AS, will not pay any rent for usage of real estate owned by TCDD for 10 years (temporary article 1).

Support will end in 2018

Budgetary deficit of TCDD and TCDD TAsimacilik AS will be met by Government until May 2018. After this date, only investments for high speed trains, new lines and modernization of current lines will be funded by Government (temporary article 2 and 3).

Marketization starts for public services in 2018

Unprofittable public services which are funded by Government will be done by TCDD Tasimacilik AS until 2018. After that, Government will buy these services from open market.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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