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Last train to Ankara Station on 10th of July

The railway section going through Ankara will be closed for 18 months due to Baskentray Project.

Here are most frequently asked questions about closure:

Exactly which section will be closed?

The railway section between Sincan and Kayas with an expection of one track between Sincan and Marsandiz (Behicbey).


On 11th of July 2016.


The Baskentray Project will restart. The 37-km-long section will be renewed to host high speed trains, suburban trains and conventional trains. There’ll be 4-6 tracks on the section.

What will happen to suburban service?

It’ll not run during this time.

What will happen to passenger trains?

In westward direction, only high speed trains will run. In eastward direction, trains will depart from Irmak station.

Which trains will be affected?

Affected westbound trains are Ankara-Izmir train and Ankara – Polatli regional train.

Affected eastbound trains:

What will happen to high speed trains?

One line will be kept open for high speed trains. They will continue departing from Ankara Station.

What will happen to new Ankara Station?

The new station is expected to open this summer.

What will freight trains do running between east and west of Turkey?

The freight trains between east and west of Turkey will have to use southern route via Konya. This will mean additional costs. Railway Transportation Association asked TCDD not to charge this additional cost.

How long it’ll last?

540 days (18 months) according to contract.

What’s going to be done with Baskentray project?

The tracks currently being used by high speed, suburban and conventional trains will be seperated. 150-km-long new tracks will be laid. Kayas-Ankara will be 4 tracks, Ankara-Behicbey 6 tracks and Behicbey-Sincan 5 tracks. 25 stations will be upgraded to metro standards. Electrification and signalization systems will be built. 24 over/under passes will be constructed.

What are the targets?

By the completion of high speed lines under construction, 250 passenger and freight trains are expected to run on this railway section. The annual ridership is expected to increase from 15 mn to 60 mn.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. As is usual in Turkey, everything is arranged to suit the engineers building the project, and no thought whatsoever is given to the effect on the passengers and freight customers. TCDD project planning is a complete shambles. As if destroying the railways into Istanbul for several years is not enough, now they plan to isolate Ankara too.I wonder if Konya to Karaman will reopen before Ankara closes?

    • I agree getting to Pendik in Istanbul is a real pain especially with luggage. Now there will be equal aggravation in Ankara. Everyone will abandon the trains for cars, buses and planes and most won’t come back.

    • I believe, the new train station, upgraded suburban lines, faster YHT due to separate lines, new YHT connection to Sivas, metro connections to Ankaray and M4 from station, more frequent YHTs by 6 more HST sets will altogether attract more passengers than now after opening in Ankara.


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