Baskentray project

The scope, route, stops, connections and history of Baskentray project under construction which includes modernization of railway lines within Ankara to provide high quality suburban service:

Project details

Owner: Turkish State Railways
Project cost: TL 1.15 bn
Contractor: Gülermak-Kolin

Target commission date: 12/2017


Baskentray Project Route

Project details

5 tracks between Sincan and Behiçbey (16 km), 6 tracks between Behicbey and Ankara (9 km) and 4 tracks between Ankara and Kayas (12 km) are being constructed. All stations will be redesigned in metro standard.

Line length: 37 km
Travel time: 53 min


Sincan – Elvankent – Emirler – Güneş – Etimesgut – Subayevleri – Havadurağı – Yıldırım – Behiçbey – Marşandiz – Motor Fabrikası – Gazi – Gazi Mahallesi – Hipodrom – Ankara Garı (interchange station for Kecioren metro M4 and Ankaray) – Yenişehir (interchange station for Batikent metro M1) – Kurtuluş (interchange station for Ankaray) – Cebeci – Demirlibahçe – Gülveren – Saimekadın – Mamak – Bağderesi – Üreğil – Topkaya – Köstence – Kayaş


1 Aug 2011: Suburban service suspended.

25 Apr 2012: Tender for Baskentray Project done. Best offer from Gulermak-Kolin (€ 186.2 mn). Tender cancelled due to objections.

29 Jul 2013: Suburban service restarted after partial engineering works on line.

Mar 2016: Objections and cancellation of tender withdrawn.

11 Jul 2016: Engineering works to start. Deadline: December 2017


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