Ankara to permit only high speed trains

Due to Baskentray Project, all passenger trains except high speed trains will stop running from/to Ankara.

The engineering works of Baskentray Project will start on 11th of July. All rail tracks except one track for high speed trains are going to be closed.

Baskentray project

While the high speed trains will continue to depart from Ankara, all other passenger trains will change their routes during the engineering works, which is expected to last until 2017 December.

The trains affected from the project and timetable/route changes starting from 11th of July are as follows:

Suburban trains will only run between Sincan and Ankara, 3 services in the morning from Sincan to Ankara, 3 services from Ankara to Sincan in the evening.

There’s no change in the routes of high speed trains, but there’ll be changes in timetables. Click for the new timetable of high speed trains valid on 11th of July.

The new departure station for eastward trains is Irmak Station, located at 60 km east of Ankara. TCDD will operate buses between Ankara and Irmak stations.

Due to Baskentray Project, the regional expresses are expected to have route/timetable changes.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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