BDZ rolling stock on sale

BDZ EAD has announced sales of some of its rolling stock.

BDZ EAD, the train operator part of Bulgarian State Railways after splitting into train and infrastructure operators in 2012, has decided to sell its non-operating assets of the company.

The assets include passanger coaches, freight wagons and locos, where national and international companies are invited to give offer.

The sales list is as follows:

4 x 1st class passanger coaches

7 x 2nd class passenger coaches

9 x various passanger coaches

1 x grain carrier

1 x 2ax covered wagon

4 x 4ax covered wagons

13 x open 4ax wagons

4 x tank wagons

2 x cement carriers

4 x narrow-gauge freight wagons

2 x Co’-Co’ diesel locos

1 x 4-cars EMU

5 x Bo’-Bo’ electric locos

1 x diesel shunting loco

  • 2 x B’-B’ diesel locos

Contact information can be found at

Cover Photo: Eksper Rail ©

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