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VAKO’s wagons approved for Europe

VAKO has completed the audit successfully to become the first Turkish private wagon manufacturer which is certified for production of wagons permitted on whole European rail network.

VAKO will get the TSI Wag certificates, which show the freight wagon of VAKO complies with the latest Technical Specification for Interoperability for wagons and can be used on the complete main railway infrastructure of the European Union and the countries like Norway and Switzerland.

The freight wagon to get TSI certification is Sgnss type, 4 axle, 60’ container wagon. Tara is 19.4 to and has a capacity of 70.5 to (click for datasheet of wagon).

In addition to type approval (SB) for its freight wagon showing that the wagon meets all technical requirements of EU, VAKO will also get the production quality approval (SD), given for two years, shows that VAKO’s production quality management system meets the quality requirements. SD approval will ease and speed up the type approvals of other wagons of VAKO.

As known, import of wagons which can be manufactured in Turkey, was restricted until 2020 last year.

The certification process is done by DEKRA Rail, international rail division of DEKRA. DEKRA is one of the world’s leading expert organizations having offices in more than 50 countries all over the world. DEKRA Rail deals with testing, inspection, certification and research. It’s recognized as AsBo (safety assessment) and NoBo (certification against the TSI).

TSI certification can be given by Notified Bodies (NoBo’s) for rolling stock (wagons, locomotives) infrastructure (rails, energy, tunnels command control & signaling) but also aspects as accessibility for people with reduced mobility and the operation of the rail system.

Cover Photo: Vako ©


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