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Is import of wagons prohibited?

The new legislation for registration of wagons brought restrictions for importing of wagons for four years.

According to the sixth temporary article of “Legislation for Registration of Rail Cars”, the imported passenger and freight wagons will not be registered until 2020, if local production is possible. That means they cannnot run on Turkish rail network.

The target is clear, however the term “if possible” has caused confusion.

Tüdemsas has got TSI certificate for Rgns and Sgns type container wagons. The company is also working on Talns type bulk carriers and Zacens type tank wagons. Sggmrs type 6-ax wagons will start to be produced by the end of this year. Private wagon producers Vako and Rayvag have also capability to produce container wagons. Thus, almost all type of wagons frequently used in Turkey can now be produced in Turkey.

But still there may be a flexible understanding of this term. If “possible” is evaluated together with “time”, import of some wagons can be given permission because of local producers cannot supply an order in a requested time period. Some variations between the requested wagons and current portfolio of the local producers can also be reason of import.

On the contarary, the legislation can be understood in a more rigid way. If done so, even the wagons which are not in the portfolio of the local producers such as car carriers can be restricted, claiming that those wagons can be produced if order is given.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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