499 - Restaurant Car - Steve HobsonPassenger

Farewell to restaurant pleasure on rail

The catering service, which was suspended in January for reorganization, started last week with a new concept.

The new concept excludes chief, hot meals and alcohol. New options are breakfast menu, cold sanwiches and hot/cold drinks.

As a part of preparements for liberalization, TCDD had taken some steps by closing inefficient passenger services. Restaurant services was limited and was not taking many interest of passengers in last years. Together with the new concept, the restaurant cars are quite unnecessary.

It would be not suprising if they are completely removed from the trains.

Cover Photo: Steve Hobson ©

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  1. I have real criticism of the catering service, because I feel that no effort was made to market the service. Every time that I travelled and used the restaurant service (usually between Ankara and Izmir) it was the same menu and the staff were not particularly pleasant and some were even asleep in the dining car when breakfast was being served. I have a photograph!!! Unbelievable!!! The trolley service (including YHT trains) also needs improvement. What about real coffee (instead of instant), nice sandwiches, etc. TCDD trolley service is no different than what is provided by the better bus companies and that is free, same as the airlines. I would say 0/10 for effort.


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