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TCDD’s long distance services

TCDD – or to be more exact TCDD Tasimacilik AS – operates just sixteen classic long-distance train services (as opposed to the YHT network of high speed trains).

Routes and timetables of some trains changed since this post published. Please click the related links for up-to-date information.

Unfortunately in recent months the service provision has been seriously eroded because of electrification and modernization works.

This is a train-by-train analysis of the situation from 11/07/16, with the start of Baskentray works in Ankara. All trains run daily, unless otherwise specified.

What’s inside?

Train completely cancelled because of engineering works
Trains currently unaffected by engineering works
Trains curtailed or diverted because of engineering works

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  1. That’s a really useful list – especially the links through to the services showing a map of the running route.

    During happier days in Syria in 2005, I took the Toros express between Haydarpaşa and Halep (Aleppo) with just a single old Syrian sleeping car attached to the end of the otherwise modern Turkish train.

    Hopefully the Turkish rail network can host reliable services again once this current period of frenetic infrastructure renewal is over.

  2. I would like to travel by train from :
    Şanliurfa to ankara to Kastamonu.
    On 15 march afternoon?
    – pl Help in English
    İsmail ( phone: 05338861941 english/ arabia
    Ör 05324251897 Turkish)
    Teşekkür ederim


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