Rail Freight

TCDD announced discount for ferries

TCDD announced discounts for Tekirdag-Derince and Van Lake ferries.

TCDD’s 20% discount for ferries will mainly support international rail traffic both to/from Europe and Iran.

The new tariff valid from today (1st of July 2016) is as follows:

Tekirdag-Derince Ferry Van Lake Ferry
Standard loads 13,6 €/to 9,6 €/to
RID 2 loads 28,8 €/to 12,8 €/to
Empty run of private wagons 4 €/to 5,2 €/to
Brand new wagons, safety wagons 13,6 €/to 10,4 €/to
Empty containers 7,2 €/to
Private transport 13,840 € 4,420 €

RID 1 and 7 must be carried by private transport.

If this new tariff can be supported by regular departures of ferry, some of the Turkey-Europe train traffic may shift to Asian side.


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