Hard days to start for suburbs of Ankara

Hard days will start for citizens using public transport to/from suburbs of Ankara on 11th of July.

Due to Baskentray Project, the engineering works will start on 11th of July and the train services will be affected.

Baskentray project

All eastbound suburban traffic from Ankara Station will stop. The passenger trains will depart from Irmak Station. There’ll be shuttle services between Ankara and Irmak stations.

The high speed train traffic on westbound direction will continue. The suburban and regional trains, on the other hand, will partially continue. Here are the timetables of local trains on Ankara-Sincan-Polatli section:


Polatli Sincan Etimesgut Ankara Station
06:20 07:15 07:26 07:42
07:26 08:16 08:27 08:43
09:22 09:33 09:49
11:50 12:38
14:35 15:22
17:30 18:17
20:00 20:51


Ankara Station Etimesgut Sincan Polatli
05:00 05:48
05:56 06:44
07:48 08:40
13:05 13:56
16:25 17:14
16:20 16:36 16:47
18:20 18:36 18:55 19:44
19:46 20:02 20:13

About 34k passengers use Ankara suburban system everyday. This is about 10% of all passengers in Ankara traveling on rail.

News: Jeff Hawken
Cover Photo: Steve Hobson ©

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