593 - Konya - OnurRail Freight

East-west traffic will flow through Konya

After the closure of Ankara section on 11th of July, the trains running between west and east will start going through Konya.

593 - Ankara yol kapaması

Since the railway section going through Ankara will be closed on 11th of July due to Baskentray Project (the red X sign in above map), the freight trains passing through Ankara must follow the southern route (Afyon-Konya-Ulukisla section as shown in green in above map).

Especially the freight trains between Marmara/Eskisehir and Central Anatolia/East Anatolia/Iran will be affected from this closure. Depending on the departure and arrival stations, the distance, so the cost of railway may increase.

There’ll be only one line kept open between Sincan and Ankara for high speed trains and suburban trains, which can also be used by freight trains to reach to Marsandiz Station, next to Industrial Zone of Ankara.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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