New route for China-Turkey trains

The container trains between China and Turkey/Europe have started to use the new route.

The increasing volume of trains between China and Kazakhstan forces two border crossings in use to specialize.

The Dostyk-Alashankou border crossing which has been densely used for all types of trains is specialized now for bulk and oversize cargos.

Çin-Kazakistan sınır geçişleri
Çin-Kazakistan sınır geçişleri

The other border crossing on the south, Altynkol-Khorgos, which had been opened in 2012, is specialized in container trains. Altynkol-Khorgos border crossing has a shorter connection to south (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey via Iran). This border crossing is very close to Almaty, which is the final destination for Turkey-Kazakhstan ECO train.

Istanbul–Tashkent–Almaty ECO Train

The first container train to Turkey via Altynkol has crossed the border early this week. The containers were transhipped from Chinese wagons to Kazakh wagons due to break-of-gauge. All transhipment and customs process had been completed in a record time of 3:10 hours.

Can Turkey Replace Russia in China-Europe Rail Traffic?

Last year, 22 container train has passed through Altynkol where in the first 7 months of this year, this number reached to 51.

Cover Photo: KTZ (Kazakhstan Railway)

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