643 - Durmazlar yeni tramvayRolling Stock

Durmazlar’s new tram at Innotrans

Durmazlar will launch its new tram at Innotrans.

Durmazlar’s new broad tram will be the only Turkish rolling stock in outdoor area of Innotrans.

Main features of “Panorama Tram” to be displayed between Hall 2 and Hall 4 (T1/10) are as follows:

  • %100 low floor, bi directional
  • Length: 33 meter
  • Width: 2.65 meter
  • Capacity: 290 (50 seated + 240 standing)
  • Maximum speed: 70 km/h
  • Floor heigh from TOR: 350 mm
  • Vehicle weight: 41.5 to
  • Minimum curve radius: 20 meter

Durmazlar attracted attention with two vehicles in Innotrans 2014, Silkworm Tram ve LRV.

Cover Photo: Durmazlar ©


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