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Turkey’s new high speed train at Innotrans

Siemens’s high speed train produced for Turkey, Siemens TR, will be displayed at Innotrans 2016.

The train is 200 mt long, has a max speed of 300 km/h and 8000 kW traction power. Velaro TR will be displayed at Innotrans outdoor area at T2/40.

Siemens TR will be one of the two high speed trains at outdoor area with Stadler EC250.

Siemens was awarded 7-sets-order of TCDD in 2013. First set was delivered in 2014. In 2016, 5 more sets were delivered until now, last of which was last week. The order will be completed by delivery of last set which will be displayed at Innotrans.

Cover Photo: Steve Hobson ©

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  1. Apart from the prototype set, have any of the other “Siemens TR” sets entered passenger service yet? If so, which routes are they used on?

    • Velaro D is the only one in service. Probably all other 5 are on test.

      Interestingly, only 6 og 8 wagons of Velaro is on sale in Eybis. Probably because, TCDD wants to keep the right to replace it by one CAF anytime needed. TCDD must have been looking forward to starting the Velaro TRs asap.


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