352 - New Velaro sets to Turkey - Marcel MRolling Stock

Here comes new high speed train of Turkey

First high speed train set produced by Siemens specially for Turkey, Velaro TR, has departed from Germany.

The second high speed train set of 7-sets contract of Siemens for TCDD is now on way from Germany to Turkey. After production at Krefeld plant and tests completed, the train departed from Germany on Friday. Train is expected to follow the route Austria-Hungary-Romania-Bulgaria and arrive Turkey within a few days. Remaining five sets will most probably be delivered within this year as well.

Although it’ll be the second Siemens high speed train set in Turkey, it’s the first Siemens HST specially produced for TCDD. The first train delivered in 2014 is a Velaro D, with 444 seats and max speed of 320 km/h. Velaro TR, on the other hand, has 500+ seats and max speed of 300 km/h. The “bistro” is expected to be turned into additional seat capacity in new sets (see Velaro TR datasheet).

Siemens’s high speed train Velaro had completed all tests on Turkish rail network, and registered as HT80000. This coming train is expected to have the number HT80002.

The Velaro set, this time, is coming with its turquaz livery, which has selected by the votes of Turkish citizens. The set has covers at sides to be protected from any possible damages on transport.

The traction of whole train set is organized by Rail Adventure, German interim operator organizing rail operations between roll-out, homologation and handover to customer. Transportation of metros, high speed train with different coupling systems, trams, locos with different gauges and vehicles which are not allowed to run independently on rail network as well as the test runs of rolling stock are done by interim operators.

In addition to 8 pieces of Velaro high speed train set, there are two adapter wagons of Rail Adventure, which enables connecting high speed train with center buffers to loco and wagon with standard UIC hooks and buffers. Adapter wagons also helps safe transport of this long and heavy set. The train also includes 15 freigt wagons to secure braking power of whole set, since the brake system of high speed train sets are deactivated during transports to avoid flatspots.

This new set is expected to start service very soon on Ankara-Konya route where higher speed of train makes sense, together with the first Velaro set.

Cover Photo: Marcel M. ©


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