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42 companies from Turkey at Innotrans

42 exhibitors from Turkey will participate Innotrans this year.

Number of exhibitors from Turkey in Innotrans continue to increase. There’ll be 42 exhibitors this year. This was 37 in Innotrans 2014.

Undoubtedly, one of the most interesting sections in Innotrans is outdoor display. There’ll be only one vehicle to be displayed in this area: Durmazlar’s “Panaroma Tram”.

The companies and their products are as follows:

Aselsan Traction converter, train control and management system, signalling system
Hacı Ayvaz
Bekel Air brake and cooling tubes
Bozankaya Tram manufacturer
Burulaş Tram operator
Çel-Mer Steel
Durmazlar Tram manufacturer
Eku Fren
Elsitel Switch heaters, led displays
Elte Pano
Emas Fish plates, turnouts, k-type u-clips
Epengle Upholstery material, velvet
Era Led ligting, passenger information systems, led driver
Fikssan Project planning
Gök Yapı Freight wagons, H bogie, buffer & drawgear
GSI SLV-TR Certification
Gürmak Metal products
Hüroğlu Seats
Impoyapı Sleepers and turnouts
Kablotel Connectors and cables
Laspar – Angst + Pfister Metal components
LMC Clamps, pipe connectors
Medel Battery charge unit, power supply unit, inverter system
Nane Platform screen doors
Noya Outdoor displays, ticket vending machines
Özkan Steel
Panel Rail fastening system
Pilot Seats
Özkılıç Electric vehicles
Dafrail Railway fixing
Sarkuysan Wire and conductors
Savronik Wagon information systems, train control systems, train simulator
Sazcılar Composite products
SKY Suspension and resilient parts
TCDD Train operator (Turkish State Railways)
TÜBİTAK-MAM Traction systems, rail vehicle management system
Ulusoy Railway cantilever sets, cantilever insulator, electrification components
Yapıray Line construction
Yavuzlar Modernization of wagons, coaches outline, blasting
Yüksel Project

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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