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Kadikoy Kartal Tavsantepe metro (M4)

The scope, route, stops, connections and history of first metro of Asian side of Istanbul connecting Kadikoy to Kaynarca/Tavsantepe via Kartal.

Project overview

Owner: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
Project cost: € 750 mn (Kadıköy-Kartal), € 105 mn (Kartal-Tavşantepe)
Contractor: Astaldi–Makyol–Gülermak consortium (Kadıköy-Kartal), Şenbay-Öztaş-Albayrak consortium (Kartal-Tavşantepe)

Commission date: 2012 (Kadıköy-Kartal), 2016 (Kartal-Tavşantepe)

  • 1st phase: Kadıköy-Kartal
  • 2nd phase: Kartal-Tavşantepe

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. The new Pendik Metro station is not close to Pendik TCDD station. They are about 2 kms apart, or about 30 minutes walk (or longer with baggage).

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