Steepest gradients of Turkish railways

The gradients in railways are important, since they may kill the efficiency.

One of the most critical factors determining the maximum gross weight of a full train is the max gradient all along the route.  This gradient, together with the traction power of loco and the strength of couplings of wagons, determine the maximum gross weight of a train.

As an example, a loco going from Gebze to Eskisehir can run with 2500 gross tonnes on big part of the route, but can only run with 750 tonnes because of the Bilecik-Karakoy section. Thus the loco should run under capacity on other sections of the route.

A solution for this problem is running additional loco on that part. TCDD is using this solution in some critical points. But even this means using one loco and staff very inefficiently most of the time.

Below map shows the top 20 steepest gradients in Turkey killing the total efficiency:

Gradients in Turkish Raillways

No Railway Section Exact Point Gross To*
1 Samsun-Sivas Demirciköy-Ladik 725
2 Gebze-Eskişehir Bilecik-Karaköy 750
3 Bandırma-Alsancak Bandırma-Kuşcenneti 880
4 Alsancak-Afyon Alaşehir-Nohutova 880
5 Alsancak-Afyon Oturak-Yıldırımkemal 880
6 Yolçatı-Kurtalan Uluova-Kürk 895
7 Kurtalan-Yolçatı 910
8 Yenice-Konya Yenice-Ulukışla 910
9 İskenderun-Fevzipaşa 930
10 Konya-Yenice Çakmak-Ulukışla 930
11 Kırıkkale-Ankara Irmak-Lalabel 1005
12 Fevzipaşa-İskenderun Fevzipaş 1010
13 Alsancak-Dinar-Afyon Selçuk-Çamlık 1040
14 Alsancak-Dinar-Afyon 1065
15 Goncalı-Denizli 1065
16 Irmak-Zonguldak Gümüşdö 1070
17 Erzurum-Kars Horasan-Sarıkamış 1075
18 Alsancak-Bandırma Soma-Yeniköy 1075
19 Bandırma-Alsancak Balıkesir-Soma 1075
20 Zonguldak-Irmak Karabük-İsmetpaşa 1090

* Max gross ton for a DE33000 loco with coupling pulling capacity of 100 to


Cover Photo: Jeff Hawken ©

rt media consultancy


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