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New axle load limits of Turkish railways

22.5 axle load limit becomes widespread in Turkey.

One of the important results of renewal of rail network is the new standard in axle load. 22.5 to/axle was limited with Kapikule-Istanbul-Ankara line in 2005. Now 22.5 to becomes almost the standard.

Axle loads on Turkish Railways

Axle loads on Turkish Railways (October 2016)

Here below are the exceptions which have lower axle limits:

  • Yolçatı-Tatvan-Van-Kapıköy (20 to)
  • Yolçatı-Diyarbakır-Batman-Kurtalan (20 to)
  • Narlı-Gaziantep-Mardin-Nusaybin (20 to, closed after Gaziantep)
  • Fevzipaşa-Tahtaköprü (20 to)
  • Manisa-Dumlupınar (20 to)
  • Karakuyu-Burdur-Isparta (20 tn)
  • Sütlaç-Çivril (20 to)
  • Ortaklar-Söke (20 to)
  • Mandıra-Kırklareli (13 to)
  • Samsun-Kalın (20 to, under construction for renewal)

Cover Photo: Eksper Rail ©

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