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Istanbul to Bucharest and Belgrade in summer

TCDD announced new international train connections to Bucharest and Belgrade in summer.

Just after announcement of Istanbul Sofia train departing from Halkali (Istanbul), TCDD Tasimacilik announced new destinations to start soon.

The new services to Bucharest and Belgrade will be given by sleeper and couchette wagons attached to Bosphor Express (or Balkan Express as known in Bulgaria and Romania).

Both trains will start in the beginning of June and end by the end of September.

The train will depart from Halkali (Istanbul) at 22:40 and arrive Bucharest at 18:58 and Belgrade at 18:14.

Departures on opposite direction will be at 12:45 from Bucharest and 09:25 from Belgrade. Arrival to Halkalı will be at 06:49 (together with Sofia-Istanbul train).

Istanbul-Bucharest train details and timetable
Istanbul-Belgrade train details and timetable

There are bus connections to city center from Halkali Station.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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  1. Great news! Let’s hope the service is properly marketed and easy to buy tickets. Hopefully the Trans-asia express wil restart soon.

    • The Trans-Asia restart would be great, as would a standard-gauge link from China through Turkey to Europe!


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