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First Turkish DeBo authorized

Liberalization took another important step in Turkey. First Turkish insitution is authorized for certification of rolling stock and assesment of ECMs.

Turkey’s railway authority DDGM signed a protocol with TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) last week. With this protocol, TSE is authorised as DeBo (Designated Body) and assessment institution.

TSE will overtake two responsibilities with this protocol:

First is related with rolling stock. TSE will evaluate and certificate rolling stock both according to national criterias and UTP (Uniform Technical Prescriptions).

Second is related with ECMs. TSE will be responsible for assesment and inspection of ECMs according to COTIF’s rules (ATMF Appendix-A) and reporting to ministry.

This post was published as “Turkey’s first NoBo” by mistake. Thank to Hakan Kucuk for his notice and correction.

Cover Photo: Esray ©


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