723 - Mixed train to Tatvan - JeffRail Freight

Rail stretch to Iran reopens today

The Elazig-Tatvan rail stretch, which was closed for one week due to landsliding, is expected to open today.

The damage due to landsliding was repaired and yesterday a train did a test run on the line.

By today, both passenger and freight traffic are expected to restart again.

Within one year, the same stretch was closed 4 times due to landsliding, each lasting a couple of days. This was the biggest, and the line was kept closed more than a week.

This line was attacked by the terrorists for a few times, closed due to lansliding a couple of times and the small, old and inefficient ferries could not be replaced yet. Due to all these reasons, the rail freight to Iran and Central Asia is not growing for years.

Cover Photo: Jeff Hawken ©

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  1. I guess we’re all waiting for the day when China succeeds in forging a standard-gauge link to Europe via Central Asia and Turkey.


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